MIPS Cost Analytics

Achieve greater financial and clinical success no matter where you are in your MIPS journey!

Learn how MIPS Cost Analytics can help you achieve your revenue goals, while also impacting patient care.

Learn how MIPS Cost Analytics can help you improve your practice, as well as your MIPS cost score.

Learn how our MIPS Cost Analytics integration program can add powerful Medicare cost data to your platforms.

Healthmonix's MIPS Cost Analytics Drive Higher Revenue & Lower the Cost of Care

Healthmonix's MIPS Cost Analytics is the first and only technology platform that provides current year payment data for all Medicare patients. It shows what Medicare reimbursed for all patient services, including fees paid to providers outside of a healthcare system every quarter, rather than 18-months after-the-fact. With the fastest access to Medicare claims data available today, your practice, network or clients are empowered with deep revenue-generating insights that can help uncover new ways to improve care and improve your MIPS cost score.

Why We Created MIPS Cost Analytics

Watch the following video to learn how MIPS Cost Analytics is helping  hospitals and health systems, provider networks and EHRs experience less stress and more revenue through greater insights about their cost data.