2022 MIPS Measure #475: HIV Screening


Percentage of patients aged 15-65 at the start of the measurement period who were between 15-65 years old when tested for HIV

Initial Population

Patients 15 to 65 years of age at the start of the measurement period AND who had at least one outpatient visit during the measurement period


Equals Initial Population

Denominator Exclusions

Patients diagnosed with HIV prior to the start of the measurement period


Patients with documentation of an HIV test performed on or after their 15th birthday and before their 66th birthday

Numerator Exclusions

Not Applicable

Denominator Exceptions



CMS-Certified-Nurse-Midwife-2022, CMS-Family-Medicine-2022, CMS-Infectious-Disease-2022, CMS-Internal-Medicine-2022, CMS-Obstetrics-Gynecology-2022, ecqm-2022, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Preventive Medicine, Quality-2022